Introducing Craig Hutchison
Introducing Craig Hutchison

CAN share

Craig is available to talk to large and small groups about the CAN attitude ideas he has stumbled on that have made a difference to him and people he knows and works with. Contact Craig to see if he is available to speak to your group.

He can also speak and provide continuity at conferences and events.

CAS’N’OVA Productions

Successful live theatre adds value to people’s lives, and good films help people to laugh and reflect on the world they live in. CAS'N'OVA PRODUCTIONS LTD has evolved from a group of interested skilled individuals, including directors, designers and actors to provide a professional support system for a variety of functions.

CAS’N’OVA provides:

  • Theatre - Director
  • Film - Director
  • Production Management
  • Lighting Design
  • Event organisation
  • Event Management
  • DVD Production
  • Production Financial advice

Click here for a list of Upcoming Productions.