Introducing Craig Hutchison
Introducing Craig Hutchison
Life is an experience that is best lived with energy and with enthusiasm. Family, friends, business, and pastimes are the meat of life and we should positively embrace this fantastic experience we call life. - Craig

Craig Hutchison has a positive ‘can’ attitude- which makes sense as he is a Cantabrian.

  • Can-do
  • Can-live
  • Can-try
  • Can-experience
  • Can-win

As one of his business associates said to Craig recently on Facebook - “I want your life!” Craig knows he has had struggles, challenges and problems but says it’s attitude that makes the difference. It’s not about what we can’t do, it’s about CAN.

Craig’s a successful businessman and business adviser and mentor. He is a theatre and performance entrepreneur and has a strong community background.

He owns and operates a successful New Zealand wide disability and health related business that shows how dealing with personal, attitude and health issues is part of life's experience.

Those that meet Craig know he is friendly, approachable and innovative.

Craig is one of the many New Zealanders in Christchurch who has come through the Canterbury earthquakes and he is available to talk to groups and organisations about his positive CAN attitude.

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